About The Modernist Beat

This blog is dedicated to a discussion of the theatre. The conversation will be lively and thought-provoking. We find ourselves in a brave new world, a particularly charged time, where the the arts community in general and theatre in particular must comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. The focus will be on politically and socially engaged productions, though the discussion could also expand to other forms of theatre and performance as well as films and television programs that intersect with live performance in a compelling way.

The blogger, Anthony P. Pennino, is an assistant professor of literature and theatre at Stevens Institute of Technology. He is also a playwright, working on off-off-Broadway in New York City. His interests are fairly broad including the contemporary American and British stage, Irish modernism, the literature of the Beat Generation, and science-fiction.

Blog posts could be reviews of current theatrical productions, reports from academic conferences, or more formal presentations.



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